About Us

The Health and Heart Training Center is a blended online and in person training program. We offer Phlebotomy Workshops, BLS CPR & First Aid, Resume workshops and  CEU's for health professionals. These strong, fast pace workshops are designed to refresh participants of the didactics of the medical office including medical terminology, patient and office support, blood collection procedures with hands on training, HIPPA laws and more.


Our experienced staff has trained thousands of professionals in an post secondary education environment with a high level of academic standards for over 20 years.


Students who successfully advance and complete a minimum number of unassisted blood draws will be eligible to sit for major national certification exams, including The National Phlebotomy Association (NPA) and others. The fundamentals of these workshops is taught hands on by certified and licensed educators giving students actual life experiences in most relevant health and medical field settings.


We are APPROVED by the National Phlebotomy Association.